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Sunday School

Why Sunday School ?

Even at a time when many people aren’t setting foot in a church – or feel unsatisfied with the one they attend – surveys find that the hunger for spirituality, higher purpose, and moral values remains strong.

The spiritual meaning of the Bible answers those needs. It helps us find our purpose and make decisions that bless our lives and the lives of those around us. Our Sunday School gives all young people the opportunity to explore ideas about God and learn from the example of Christ Jesus.


What does Sunday School offer children?

Children as young as two or three can learn valuable lessons in Sunday School about how to pray to God for help, whether they are afraid or lost or just having a hard time with a sibling. 


The Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Lord's Prayer are the basis of first lessons. Those too young for classes may be cared for in our children’s room. 


What does Sunday School offer teens?

Classes for teens revolve around questions and answers, posed by students and teachers alike. The weekly Bible Lessons (the same as those read in church services) Christian Science Bible Lessons form the framework for teaching, while not limiting the discussions in any direction. Our teachers are non-judgmental facilitators.


They form the framework for teaching, while not limiting the discussions in any direction. Our teachers are here to facilitate the session!

It's Practical!

The emphasis of all teaching is on putting lessons to use in our lives. Anyone under the age of 20 is welcome to drop in any Sunday. No previous knowledge of Christian Science, or church affiliation, is necessary. 


Parents of any faith can visit on Sundays to meet our teachers, ask questions, drop off their children, or attend the Sunday services that meet at the same hour as the Sunday School.


If you’d like to contact the Sunday School staff in advance, please send a note to our church Clerk (, who will forward your inquiry to the Sunday School Superintendent. 

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